Invest in your health

Your decisions and life-style choices today and tomorrow will affect your future ability to make certain decisions.

Prolonged periods of inactivity1, regular poor diet2, continual heightened stress3, and other long-term high-risk life-style choices all eventually take their toll on the body: ultimately preventing a full dysfunction-free life either now or when you are older.

We all want to live as long as we can with a relatively pain-free, well-moving body. Putting off healthy changes to your life can have dramatic effects on your future.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Ghandi

We are not generally taught much beyond basic human musculoskeletal biology while at school, and some would argue even into medical school.

On the whole, our primary and secondary education establishments do not shown our children how to move properly, meditate, stretch and strengthen their bodies: all commonly sought after practices in modern Western adults.

Culturally, we are ushered down a never-ending hurried path:

  • Driving and sitting too much4
  • Working with poor posture at reduced productivity5
  • Eating an unbalanced diet
  • Not taking a proper work break to clear our minds and to detach6

The pressures that we put on ourselves, even more so today, are magnified when we compare our lives to others and strive for their successes (often at the cost to our own health):

  • Work stresses: we work longer and longer hours, for not much more benefit, with a dramatic increased risk of stroke7
  • Family stresses: we miss being with our families owing to an unbalanced work-life schedule8
  • Social media stresses: we focus our attention on keeping up with our friends/neighbours through social media, and rarely meet with them in person9

Take some action now

This all might sound rather dire and gloomy, but there is hope. If life style choices (lack of movement, heightened stress, poor posture, bad habits etc) got you into a certain physical state, then logically other life style choices can help you get out and into recovery.

Movement becomes habit, which becomes posture, which becomes structure

Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains

My promise to you

This is what I can offer you and help you understand, by showing you which areas of your body and life need focus. I will:

  • listen to your needs and concerns
  • identify the root cause
  • plan a successful outcome
  • treat you with dignity and respect
  • always help you to achieve a healthier tomorrow

Make some changes today, and book a session. Everybody needs some help from time to time.

You can view a list of common issues that can be assessed and treated.


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