Professional clinical treatments

Matthew offers trusted professional and affordable treatments. He is fully qualified, insured and accredited. All treatments are designed around your needs for each session. Therapy sessions focus on providing the best outcomes in relief from acute/chronic pain, treatments for injuries, and deep relaxation. Please feel free to ask for specific areas of your body to be worked. Your feedback during (and after) the treatment is always very welcome.

Trusted professional massage

You are provided with a 10-minute consultation prior to your first session. On-going treatments are tailored to meet your changing needs. This is usually gained from a quick chat before each new session.

All massage treatments are provided under towels. One towel covering your lower body and one covering your upper body. Excellent towel management and coverage is maintained throughout each session. Gentle guidance is provided when you turn over or need to get into different positions for a treatment. Myofascial release treatments can be provided with you partially clothed and limited towel coverage, as agreed with you beforehand.

At the end of each treatment you will be given follow up advice. This is usually specific stretching exercises or self-massage that will help you until your next session. To optimise the benefits given by regular massage, you will be encouraged to rebook within a month (best outcomes appear from weekly sessions). You can always amend this by giving 24-hours notice.

Bookings and payments can be made online using a credit/debit card. You can also pay with credit/debit card or cash directly after each session. Please ask about discounted block bookings.

Clinical massagetrusted professional massage deep tissue clinical massage myofascial release pain

This broad-brush term covers a range of techniques used in the clinical assessment and treatment of a variety of common presenting pain pathologies. The main methods are:

  • Rigorous client pathology assessment: listening to the client’s medical history, enquiring with an open mind avenues for investigation, getting a feel for their day-to-day activities and surmising possible areas for treatment
  • Benchmarking existing pain/range of motion/mobility/stability: using a simple 0-10 number scale for pain, assessing range of motion of muscles/limbs, performing strength tests on muscles/limbs
  • Informed/listening touch: initial treatment begins with a soft listening touch, focusing on feedback from the client in areas of tightness and acute pain
  • Trigger point therapy: working with the client to establish hot-spots of pain, applying compression techniques and awaiting change in pain response
  • Myofascial release: using slow varied Myofascial techniques to release and stretch soft tissue
  • Soft tissue release: A combination of tissue manipulation and movement (stretching) in a specific way releases trauma and micro traumas in muscles and re-educates the nervous system. This precise technique tricks the nervous system and re-sets the muscles memory effectively restoring correct length and tone
  • Table acupressure: incorporating body-weight driven table Shiatsu to mobilise larger areas under stress/tension
  • Sports stretching: working with the client to provide slow deep stretches of limbs/muscles
  • Muscle energy techniques: emerged as a form of osteopathic manipulative diagnosis and treatment in which the patient’s muscles are actively used on request, from a precisely controlled position, in a specific direction, and against a distinctly executed physician counterforce

Sports massagemassage professional health bishops stortford hertfordshire paypal online booking cash

These sessions are not just aimed at people who play sports. The focus of these sessions is injury prevention and remedial treatments to reduce future injury. The techniques involve advanced soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, assisted/facilitated stretching and the use of hot/cold therapy. Treatments are usually given just before (can be 30 minutes to 48 hours before) and/or just after (no longer than 24 hours after) physical activity. These sessions are outcomes based, so you will be asked to consider what you’d like to achieve and how you’d like to feel at the end of every session.

Deep tissue massagetrusted professional massage deep tissue clinical massage myofascial release pain

This treatment offers the deepest pressure and the slowest of strokes. This is usually given through the soft-tissue of the forearms and sometimes the elbow. Each session is tailored to focus on targeted areas of the body. This type of therapy is ideal for clients with specific pain relief needs. These treatments are also great for those who are very active or have suffered from sports injuries. Verbal communication is fairly open and constant during a deep tissue massage. This allows feedback to be established on the effectiveness of each section of the treatment.

Myofascial releasetrusted professional massage deep tissue clinical massage myofascial release pain

This treatment is unlike the other massage services offered by Deep Impact Massage. Each session is highly tailored, usually focusing on a few parts of the body at a time. The techniques used in these sessions generally do not involve oils. The therapy makes use of very slow holds either using the hands or forearms, gentle rocking/unwinding techniques and light stretching. Any particular part of the treatment can take 3-5 minutes to complete. The treatment is designed to release constrictions within the soft tissue layers of the body. The intention is to mobilise trapped muscles and encourage normalised function of the deeper layers. This treatment is well suited to clients with chronic pain relief needs. This therapy provides the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the heavy pressure. You will be in constant communication with the therapist during the treatment. This helps to establish the effectiveness of each section.