To provide client-focused assessment-based manual therapy treatments designed to alleviate pain, increase movement and reduce injury. Incorporating a multi-modal approach to hands-on therapy, a strong emphasis on client engagement and learning, always giving the client the best possible outcomes

High Quality

Matt takes a goal-orientated approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be Matt wants to help you achieve them.



Matt is committed as a complimentary healthcare professional to help clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

Patient Care

Matt provides hands-on treatment and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.


Using client-specific outcomes-based clinical assessments, likely causes of pain and dysfunction can be measured and monitored over time. Through friendly dialogue with each client during regular weekly treatments, progress against successful outcomes can be assessed. Moving people into recovery and maintenance is the aim.

Professional Service

Matt has over ten years clinical experience in helping his communities stay active and pain free.


Manual Therapist

Matt is the owner and principal manual therapist of Deep Impact Massage. Based in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, he is an experienced professional male manual therapist, with over 10 years hands-on experience (roughly 12,000 hours of practise).

Before working in massage, Matt worked for Elsevier Science publishers. This experience helped him appreciate working in a stressful office-based international-wide environment. While working in publishing, he first experienced on-site massage. He moved into working for the National Health Service's Substance Misuse Team for seven years. This experience helped him to better understand the challenges that many people face in their lives.

After retraining in massage, he set up a busy massage company in East Sussex, where he provided deep tissue massage therapies. While working in East Sussex, he engaged in volunteering work at his local meditation centre. This experience helped him to understand the growing need for compassion in our society, and also enabled him to see the many different types of healing therapies available.

Matt is a passionate health advocate and believes strongly in the power of human touch. He is a keen cyclist, walker and gardener, and also loves to cook. He is very sociable with people from all walks of life, and is always attentive to others' concerns.

Matt is a fully qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (Jing Advanced Massage Training), he holds an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Certificate (Jing) and has a separate distinction in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC).

He is fully insured with Balens.

Matt also holds further qualifications in:
Practitioner’s Certification in Athletic Taping/Strapping (OMT)
Practitioner’s Certification in Blood Flow Resistance Training for Clinical/Athletic Rehab/Training (OMT)
Diploma in "An Osteopathic approach to the TMJ and headaches" (OMT)
Certificate of "Clinical Safety (intra-/extraoral techniques for TMJ)" (OMT)
Certificate of Clinical Excellence in "Blood Pressure Testing, Oximeter Testing and Cardiovascular Screening" (OMT)
Advanced Anatomy
Exercise Rehabilitation
Special orthopedic tests
Sports and Event Planning (Marathon)
Exercise based Rehab
Orthopedic Assessment
Advanced pathology for the massage therapist
NeuroKinetic Therapy Certification Level 2 (NeuroKinetic Therapy, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, led by Simon Jones)
Fascial Foundations
Advanced Myofascial Release
Structural Fascial Bodywork
Temporomandibular Joint Pain
NeuroKinetic Therapy Certification Level 1 (NeuroKinetic Therapy, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, led by Dr Kathy Dooley)
Functional Movement Taping: ROCKDoc Level 1 (RockTape UK, British School of Osteopathy)
Fascial Movement Taping: ROCKDoc Level 2 (RockTape UK, British School of Osteopathy)
Anatomy Dissection Day (with Caroline Barrow, King's College)
Advanced Hot Stone Fusion (cryotherapy and sports applications)
Soft tissue release
Sports and event techniques
Lower body mastery
Upper body mastery
Leg, knee and foot pain protocols
Hip and pelvis pain protocols
Advanced Sports Stretching Techniques (including muscle energy)
Shoulder girdle pain protocols
Carpal tunnel (RSI), wrist and arm pain protocols
Neck and upper shoulder pain protocols
Functional living anatomy
Lower back pain protocols
Foundations in Advanced Clinical Massage (including table shiatsu, trigger point therapy and passive stretching)
Deep tissue/advanced massage
Myofascial release work
Indian head massage
Seated Acupressure Massage / On Site Massage