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Happy New Year for 2017

Start the new year in 2017 as you mean to go on with some great stretches for your body!

Matt at Deep Impact Massage has collected some useful and effective stretching videos for you.

These stretches cover: the neck, the shoulder, the back, the arms and hands, the hips and buttocks, the upper and lower legs, and the jaw.

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Start the new year pain free

Matt at Deep Impact Massage uses a variety of clinical and advanced therapies aimed specifically at relieving your pain.

The majority of common musculoskeletal pain pathologies can be effectively treated within one to six sessions: from lower back pain, to stiff/wry neck, tight shoulders or painful hips.

Each treatment is optimised to ensure you get the very best results using the latest physical techniques: Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, sports stretching, deep tissue massage, Amma fusion (Shiatsu blended acupressure), and soft tissue release.

New clients are constantly surprised by the effective results after just one session.

The power of informed clinical touch has lasting outcomes – come and experience it for yourself.

Book a treatment online. Read reviews of past clients. Clear pricing structure.

Feel the difference in 2017.